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The Best Beach Equipment for Holidays with Children: Towels, Totes, Coolers and More

Planning a holiday at the beach with children? Nothing beats the combination of sand and surf to relax and leave the challenges of day to day living behind. However, planning a holiday at the beach with kids can be stressful on its own. There’s a lot more to consider for safety and fun when you’re traveling with kids. Below, we take a look at beach accessories that should make it on your list of essentials for a stress-free and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Beach Chairs

The foundational beach gear for any beach day is a sturdy beach chair. These chairs will allow you to relax without worrying about getting sand in every nook and cranny. They’re more practical and comfortable than spreading a mat on the sand. They’ll give the opportunity to soak up some sun while watching the little ones enjoy the sand and water.

Beach Umbrellas

Umbrellas are one of the best beach accessories you can have when at the beach with children. While getting a tan is great, spending excessive time under the scorching sun can be dangerous. An umbrella will provide you and your little ones with UV protection and an oasis to cool off when it gets too hot. You can all take a nap and recharge while enjoying beachfront views.

Beach Cabana

If you’re looking for a little more luxury while at the beach with your little ones, consider having a beach cabana. These portable beach shelters are the ultimate luxury while on holiday. They provide shade and privacy while being more stable than umbrellas and other shade options. They are perfect for families with infants and younger children. They provide these young beach goers with a quiet spot away from all the noise and excitement for a nap or to take a break.


Keeping little ones hydrated and refreshed is essential for keeping their energy levels up while at the beach. A cooler is essential for keeping food and drinks cool and fresh. It also helps to keep the food and drinks sand free. This practical beach item will allow you to carry snacks and drinks that your family enjoys and ensure that everyone is taken care of. It leaves no room for surprises.

Baby Boat (Floatie)

A baby boat or float is a must have when at the beach with younger beachgoers. These inflatable devices provide babies and toddlers with a fun and safe way to experience the water. Many come with a safety harness and a shade cover to keep your little one safe.

Puddle Jumper

For children learning to swim, it’s important to equip them with the right safety gear. Puddle jumpers or swim vests come with built-in floaties. They provide flotation while allowing freedom of movement. These beach items will give you peace of mind while your children splash and play in the shallow waters.

Stand Up Paddle Board

Older kids often have a sense of adventure and will want to try their hand at a new activity. You can add a dimension of excitement to your holiday with the stand-up paddleboard. These boards will allow older children to explore the coastline while allowing them to burn off extra energy and stay entertained.

Beach Wagon

You’ll need something to carry all that beach equipment. The beach wagon will allow you to conveniently wheel your beach equipment to your desired spot and spare you the strain on your back and shoulders. Just load it up and you’re off. It will also help to keep your items sand-free.

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