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Top 5 Beaches in Hawaii

Are you planning a trip to Hawaii? Waikiki in Oahu is the most famous beach and the landing site of most tourists. However, there is much more that Hawaii has to offer if you’re willing to explore. There are many Hawaiin beaches worth exploring that aren’t as crowded and even more beautiful than the more common tourist spots. Below we share with you some of the best beaches in Hawaii that you may want to explore on your next visit.

Lanikai Beach – Oahu

Lanikai Beach is located a 40 minute drive from Honolulu in a quiet residential neighborhood. This half-mile long stretch of white sandy beach in Hawaii is one of Hawaii’s most beautiful beaches. The turquoise water shimmering in the sun is sure to give you a calming feeling as you relax under the leafy palm trees that line the beach. The beach offers awe-inspiring views of the picturesque Mokulua Islands.

This beach is a great place for those looking for calmer water and for a beach with a low population. The waters here are perfect for paddle boarding, windsurfing, kayaking and of course swimming. If you want to explore aquatic life, you can rent snorkeling gear for an underwater adventure.

Hanalei Bay – Kauai

Hanalei Bay features a beach located right at the center of the bay. The beach is at the mouth of the Hanalei River and features calm waters that make it a popular site for swimming and a variety of water sports.

The two mile crescent of sandy beach offers some of the best vacation experiences. Whether you’re looking for a calm relaxing holiday away from the crowds or want to try a new sport or activity, Hanalei offers the perfect environment to create your dream holiday all under the gaze of the majestic mountains that form the backdrop of the beach.

Mahai’ula Beach – The Big Island

Mahai’ula Beach is the perfect location for those that want to get away from the crowds. The soft white sandy beach is the Kekaha Kai Beach Park’s southernmost beach. It is one of the Big Island’s most secluded beaches and is therefore rarely crowded. The beach can only be accessed through a winding and rugged road. However, the picturesque beach makes the bumpy trip well worth it.

The secluded beach is popular amongst locals and offers visitors access to various activities. The calm waters make the beach a great spot for swimming. However, the water can become quite deep very close to the shoreline. This makes it a great spot for snorkeling.

Green Sand Beach – THe Big Island

If you’re looking for a unique ‘once in a lifetime’ experience while in Hawaii, you can’t go wrong with visiting Green Sand Beach on the Big Island. This is one of two green sand beaches in the US and one of four green sand beaches in the world.

Green Sand beach is one of the most popular attractions on the Big Island. Many come here to gaze and touch the crystal green sand which is mixed with white and black sand. Swimming at the beach is possible. However, the surf can be very strong and there is no lifeguard on site. It is therefore best reserved for highly skilled swimmers. Many visitors to the beach prefer to hike and enjoy the beautiful views while exploring the green sands.

Kawakiu Beach – Molokai

Kawakiu Beach is a hidden gem that features golden sand and turquoise waters. The beach is a 64.1 km drive from Honolulu and is located in a quiet neighborhood. The beach is largely untouched and covered partially by trees that provide natural shade. It’s a popular spot for swimming as well as sunbathing. It’s perfect for those that want to have a relaxing holiday away from the crowds.

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